Google I/O 2011

Google I/O 2011

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Samsung Galaxy Tab

As you may have heard the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been released and we actually got a chance to get our hands on one and it’s better than expected. Tons of great features and a great workable internal storage space to start out with.

One of the first actions taking was to installed the Flash Player 10.1  onto the device which you can find in the Android Market Place. The next thing that was important to install was Adobe AIR which you can also find in the Android Market Place.

Wondering why to install these applications? The Samsung Galaxy Tab gives you the full web experience with these additional applications, along with that if you are a more graphical person than actually programming and have a experience with with Adobe Flash Professional you can create Adobe AIR apps for this device and others (Later Explained…).

A few important links to share:

Samsung Mobile Innovator Site:

This site provides very good guideline and development information for creating Android Apps for the Galaxy Tab. There is a new add on specifically for the Tab for the Android SDK.

(Note: On the Android Developer website there is a update to the Android SDK as of this writing version 7 has been released, it’s suggested to update with this)

Also you may encounter a couple of minor issues, if you are using Android Command line and not reconizing the device, you may need to install Samsung Drivers for Windows 7 x64, this link seemed to have all the supported drivers needed

With the Next Post we are hoping to put together a tutorial walk thru of creating a android application for the device, be sure to check out The Official Android Developer Website and another great resource is StackOverFlow







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